Moving doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Affordable Guys Moving is a local, family owned business committed to making your move as easy as possible. Our “Affordinator” booking system was designed to help you quickly identify exactly what equipment & services you need for your move! .

The Affordable Guys make moving easy!

When it’s time to move, many of us spend days, weeks, even months driving from property to property in search of “Home.” After it’s all said and done: the new job, the neighborhood, the school district, etc… — The last thing anyone wants to do is orchestrate one of the most strenuous physical activities you’ll ever undertake.

Leave the heavy lifting to AGM

Once we’ve established the inventory for your move in the “Affordinator” — we’ll give you a crystal clear picture of how we’ll handle your relocation. Included in this online tool is the ability to select multiple AGM Services that eliminate the need for you to pack or unload your belongings and even let us unassemble/reassemble any items you want. Our White Glove service is our most popular one not simply for it’s convenience, but also for it’s affordability!

Packing & Unpacking

We have all the necessary material for all your packing needs. We will pack, unpack, put away, and arrange everything to your specification.

Loading & Unloading

Leave the hassle of loading and unloading the truck to us. We will make sure all your belongings end up in the correct room safe and sound.

Cleaning & Disposal

Whether you’re moving out of your old place, or need a crew to clean the office every Friday night…look no further than The Affordable Guys can handle any size disposal!

Hauling & Delivery

Need an extra couple trucks to execute timely same day or next day deliveries? Our fleet is ready to haul and deliver any type of inventory, unload , and arrange in no time.